Break a Case

Purchasing warehouse case lots, known better as wholesale, can be quite expensive. If you’re not in the position to order a full case of fireworks, I mean come on who needs 48 of the same 200 Gram Cake or thousands of smoke balls am I right? You can go ahead and “Break the Case” this will allow you to purchase smaller quantities of a single product at a slightly higher price. The advantage of this function allows you to spend your hard-earned cash on items that will really excite guests such as 500 Gram Cakes, Artillery Shells, and 500 Gram Racks.


Here is an example:

You’re looking to purchase “Babe the Blue Ox”

The case price is $107.83

You decide you only need 3 pieces of this cake, instead of a case of 8

You click the “Break Case” button, underneath “Add to Cart”

Once on this screen, you can see the minimum break quantity and are able to add the number of pieces you want to the cart.